Kalele: Trust

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You are here for a reason, you have value, and your story is important. Of course, your story has villains, sorrows, and hardships, after all, what truly great superhero story doesn’t?

Color Palette: Sweeping sea foam greens and blues with azul sparkles
Suggested necklace gemstones: Peruvian Opals
Suggested bracelet gemstones: Chalcedony

Peruvian opals have been used throughout the world for their properties of helping to quiet the mind so that great ideas can get unstuck. The medicine of Kalele is about trusting your journey. This piece was created to encourage you to step purposefully and powerfully into your greatness.

Traditionally chalcedony is worn for of its calming effects and its ability to stimulate positive thinking... when paired with trust, this piece was created with the intention to float past and over obstacles, changing them from challenges to adventures.