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    I am a glass blower, jewelry artist, healer, and sea turtle rescuer. My calling is to help sea turtles and also to help people find their inner beach, a place of healing, waking, peace, play and love.


    Amy Wakingwolf glass blower, jewelry artist

    The Dream of an 11-Year-Old

    I knew I wanted to work in glass since I was 11 years old. One magical day I had gone to the county fair and my father gave me the gigantic sum of 20 dollars and the instruction that we would all meet back, at the first booth, the glass sculpture booth. This is exactly where he found me four hours later, with the 20 dollars still in hand, watching wide-eyed as the artist was turning molten rods into unicorns, swans, and fairies.

    I told my mom that I knew what I wanted to do with my life, and we sat down and wrote to the only glass crafters we could think of, Stuben Glass, to see if they needed any 11-year-old apprentices, but they didn’t.

    So I went on with my life, lived in New York, San Francisco, London, having a wonderful time with other adventuring artists, crafters, dancers, healers, and a whole cornucopia of beautiful people.

    I lived with a collective of artists who also loved glass, and we all shared our talents.

    Soon I was making hand-blown miniature aromatherapy bottles pendants and learning to practice healing with natural oils.

    Becoming a Shaman and Healer

    I did not know it at the time, but I was being prepared for my other calling in this life, becoming a healer and shaman.

    At the end of my training, I experienced “a dark night of the soul”. This is where a shaman in training faces his or her darkness, the idea being healer heal thyself first, and it can last for days, months or even years. Mine lasted a very long and very lonely year.

    Then one night my teacher, Snake Woman, came to me and said, “One day, Amy, you will awaken the wolf within you and you will know what to do”.

    I received my name and my life's purpose that night.


    Amy Wakingwolf sea turtle rescuer and ocean advocate


    Sea Turtle Rescue

    I spend every day at the beach protecting turtles. I volunteer for Hawaii Wildlife Fund as an outreach educator and basically teach about turtles all day long, while making sure excited folks dont get to close to the resting turtles. I LOVE being with them, it calms me, on rainy days I'll sit with a book or make jewelry, and on sunny days I get to hang out with fellow turtle lovers from around the globe.

    I also love to camp at sea turtle nests, protecting hatchlings from predators,and I have built fences and cleaned beaches and sometimes the sea floor as well. I love protecting these creatures, it trully is a calling for me.

    My Life's Work

    Today I blend all my passions: My art, healing and sea turtle rescuing by sharing healing stories with each Honu.

    These Honu are crafted with intention, they each tell a story, and I choose gemstones to compliment that energy.

    My vision is that these turtles are ambassadors of all the ocean energy and they become more than a piece of jewelry they become more like helpful friends that are part of your support system of health and growth in to the amazing person that swims wild inside of you.

    With love

    Amy Wakingwolf


    The Honu Collection

    The Honu Collection is a celebration of all the wonderful things of this world. I created it for people who like me, love glass, love healing, love the islands, love gemstones, and of course love sea turtles!

    The pieces in the collection are inspired by real sea turtles that I have met in my ocean adventures swimming and protecting them. They have offered me thier medicine (healing and teachings) and I offer it to you as wearable art and also art for your walls.

    Inspiration Gallery

    One of the ways you can keep these teachings close to you is to buy the inspiration sea turtle photograph for your wall. It will offer you the peace and tranquility of the ocean as well as offer you the medicine of that sea turtle.

    A Coral Display

    Another way to keep the teachings close to you is with a coral stand. Because my Honus are miniature works of art and also intentional tools of healing they want to be part of your life, and woven in to the tapestry of your day. As a Reiki (ancient Japanese healing art) Master, and Shaman (Native American spirit healer)  I put my healing intention into each piece and it simply becomes more than just a piece of jewelry. 

    So I created beautiful coral two-part stands out of resin (never real coral I promise!) for you to keep your precious girl out of the jewelry drawer and let her keep you company in the office, in a window or on a dresser. The reason I call the Collectors club the coral Club is because I have many collectors that have more then one of the large corals filled!


    With love,

    Amy Wakingwolf


    PS. Please join the community on Facebook, Turtle Lover Maui, to share your stories of healing, sea turtle love, jewellery love or just to hang out with like-minded adventurers and your fellow turtle tribe!  LINK

    Speaking of FB I am Amy Wakingwolf there friend me and/or feel free to chat here or there anytime!

    Mahalo: Deepest respect and gratitude,

    Amy Wakingwolf