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Jewelry has one job, to make the wearer feel beautiful.

This is done by unearthing gemstones, cutting them free from million-year-old rock veins, then shaping them with chisels, polishing them, and then thoughtfully supporting them in natures metals; melting them, pouring them, carving and polishing them to radiate the light an beauty of the natural world...

At the Honu Collection, we add a third mystical and unique element to this ancient tradition: glass; Swirling molten colors with liquid light, to create shimmering undersea worlds to let your imagination swim wild.

But, the jewelry of The Honu Collection has a second job; To be shimmering ambassadors for the voice of the sea turtles, to be a reminder of the fragile ecosystem that is our ocean.

An Introduction to the Honu Collection

The Honu Collection

Coral Displays

Sea turtle medicine:

Your turtles are striking, the beautiful glasswork pulls me in and my mind is transported to a coral tranquility.

Amy Ross, Maui, Hawaii

Beautiful work, each piece is similar yet stunningly individual.

Susan W.

WOW! Stunning pieces. I very much enjoy things of color, you have captured that.


Wonderful beadwork, Amy, such awesome colors!! I'd love to see a price guide when you can. Do you have other work available to view or for sale?

Faith C.

Beautiful, meticulous and artfully crafted. Thank you for sharing.

Karin C.

Oh Amy, guess what arrived this afternoon?! Every piece you sent is just simply amazing. They are so stunning, even more beautiful in person than could imagine, and I already knew they would be beautiful! I can't tell you enough how much I love them and how much joy they bring. Each one is so unique and the colors so brilliant. So glad you let me in on the bracelets as they are such a welcome addition to go with the necklaces. And I love your display coral pieces. I have both out displaying all your incredible Honus.  Thank you so much!! Definitely always keep me in mind with new pieces, etc as I love supporting your efforts. HUGS!

Susan DeBartolo

Art with a purpose.

Every hand blown glass sea turtle pendant that I make, I send in to the world with a mission, well several really.

Turtle Adoption: My art was inspired by a desire to save sea turtles so I adopt a turtle hatchling for each glass honu I sell.

Ambassadors: They are stunning ambassadors for sea turtles, starting conversations about conservation is important.

Peaceful Transition:  They are made as a tool of healing, because sea turtle medicine is about "creating peaceful transion from one chapter of your life to the next" and many of our Honu family, use my work, to help remind them to stay peaceful and trusting with shifts and changes.